Stay Home, U Conn’s Women Huskies

The official invitation will honor you
as the world does, best of the best.
Your hard work, teamwork,
sisterhood. You role models
of what women can earn.

But, please, stay home from the White House.
Say no to the man who grabs at pussies,
wants to shut down Planned Parenthood,
who started the taunts of nasty woman.
Be one of those, remembering it speaks
to women who came out of slavery,
women who lost their children
or their lives without medical care.
Women who know what it means
to send sons and daughters into war.
Women jumping to the glass ceiling.

Say no to a President who picks
millionaires to serve on his Cabinet,
who chose a woman who has never been
enrolled in a public school to guide
the education of our children.
You are U Conn. You stand tall
for women who achieve, women
who took the privileges of prowess
and made yourselves the best.
Wear your pussy hats in pride.
Your Huskie hats.

Take your beauty and grace
to a nursing home, a hospital.

A woman’s prison.
Do service for a day for your
community. Say no to Trump.
You will remember this
for the rest of your lives.