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Haiku, Haibun, and Tanka

Tricia maintains a nearly daily haiku practice — a challenge to notice and remember something wonderful and interesting every day. In 2017 she wrote more than 400 haiku… her testimony to a deep gratitude for living each day. Look for haiku through her Twitter account @triciaknollwind .

Sunday Afternoon in Early September,” on Willawaw Journal, April, 2024. (Haibun)

A haibun on MacQueen’s Quinterly, January 2024, “In a Drawer’

Featured poet in the Wee Sparrow Poetry Press “To Live Here – A Haiku Anthology” published in summer 2023.

Winter-theme haiku included  in Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog for January 24, 2023:

Contemporary Haibun Online (December 2019), “The August Night I Sang the Twilight” 

hanging baskets
for mother’s day
the fallen fuchsias        included in tsuri-dÅrŠ– a small journal of haiku and senryÅ« of July/August 2022

Coffee Creek Prison, a haibun on Contemporary Haibun Online.

New Bridges – a haiku anthology of the Portland Haiku Group ,edited by Jacob Salzer, 2018

“Summer News” on Contemporary Haibun Online, January 2018

“Gray Fleece Hoodie” in Haibun Today, June 2017

“Raspberries in June” won First Place in Oregon Poetry Association’s Fall 2015 Traditional Form (Haibun) contest and is published in its annual journal, Verseweaver.

Two haiku on Failed Haiku, January 2017. “Failed Haiku” is senryu, human-centered haiku.

“Fathoms Deep” on Contemporary Haibun Online, December 2016

poets write   about poetry  nautilus shell -Full of Moonlight, Haiku Society of American 2016 Anthology

Living Haiku Anthology

Haiku on home on Brass Bell Journal, November 2016 —

mother’s birthday
a friday the thirteenth
104 years ago

On Flora’s Forum, December 12, 2015 “Beautyberries”

In Brass Bells, a haiku for November, 2015 –

a plank swing sways
in night wind on rusty hooks

Haibun published online

Things a Superstitious Woman Keeps, cattails, September 2015

Eddie’s Magic Beans in World Haiku Review, August 2014 (scroll down to it).

Otherwise, enjoy links to  a couple of Tricia’s haiku published online:

A Haiku for California Chrome: New Verse News, May 18, 2014

lady bugs loose
in the greenhouse
hot peppers*

*From Kernels, April 2013

Listing on the Haiku Foundation website

Inclusion in Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga from Dos Gatos Press, 2013

Charter Member of the United Haiku and Tanka Society