Woman Card

A naked woman is standing in the water.

The Woman Card

When men go on the stump, they should be explicit.
Which woman card? The tarot’s lover card offers coupled
male and female; maybe card art can catch up to truth.

No doubt the politician means women who stand out.
The Empress holds world strength in her scepter,
Strength nurtures calm to tame a beasty lion.

Justice sits in robes with a sword in her right hand,
balanced scales in the left. The naked woman
of the eight-pointed star bathes at the well.

She of the Great Arcana, World, dances with life and death
holding the bull, cherub, lion and eagle. She calls
the compass points, seasons, and four winds under twisted

loops of infinity. These queens of so many suits – hearts,
diamonds, clubs in a sisterhood. Queen of spades who takes
all hearts, shoots the moon, and trumps the joker.